Signs of History (SM)

Virginia Beach

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(includes old Princess Anne County)
Kempsville, K-272 Rte. 165, at Kempsville
New Town, K-273 Rte. 58, 3 miles e. of Norfolk
Donation Church and Witch Duck, K-276 Rte. 58, 5 miles e. of Norfolk
Eastern Shore Chapel, K-278 Rte. 58, 2.2 miles w. of beachfront
Seashore State Park, KV-4 Rte. 60, 1 mile e. of Rte. 615
First Landing, KV-15 Rte. 60, .85 mile w. of Rte. 305, at Cape Henry
Oldest Brick House in Virginia, KW-16 Rte. 500, 7 miles e. of Norfolk

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