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(includes old Nansemond County)
Chuckatuck, K-248 Rte. 10, 9.2 miles n.w. of Suffolk proper
Dumpling Island, K-249 Rte. 10, 6 miles n.w. of Suffolk proper
Reid's Ferry, K-250 Rte. 10, 5 .5 miles nw. of Suffolk proper
Early History of Suffolk, K-25 I Rte. 10, 1.5 miles n.w. of Suffolk proper
Siege of Suffolk, K-252 Rte. 460, .5 mile w. of old city limits
Dismal Swamp, K-253 Rte. 58, 4.7 miles e. of Suffolk proper
Revolutionary Camp, K-254 Rte. 337, 6.2 miles n.e. of Suffolk proper
Yeates School, K-255 Rte. 337, at Driver
Sleepy Hole Ferry, K-256 Rte. 337, at Driver
Bennett's Home, K-257 Rte. 337, at Driver
Glehe Church, K-258 Rte. 337, at Driver
Siege of Suffolk, K-259 Rte. 10, 1.5 miles n.w. of Suffolk proper
Pig Point, K-261 Rte. 460, 8 miles w. of Portsmouth
Hargrove's Tavern, K-270 .8 mile e. of Driver
James Bowser Plantation, K-310 1 mile n. of Rtes. 629 and 337
St. John's Church, KO- 1 Rte. 125, 1 mile e. of Chuckatuck
Nansemond Collegiate Institute, KO-2 E. Washington St. near Fifth St.
First Suffolk Church, QB-1 Western Ave., 200 ft. w. of Church St.
First Ruritan Club, U-127 Rte. 58, at Holland
Dismal Swamp, U-130 Rte. 58, 4.7 miles e. of Suffolk
Cavalry Skirmish, UT-28 Rte. 460, 4.6 miles n.w. of Suffolk

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