Signs of History (SM)


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Bacon's Plantation, E-1 Chamberlayne Ave., in Richmond
Intermediate Defenses, E-2, Laburnam and Chamberlayne aves., in Richmond
Brook Road, E-4 Brook Rd. and Rte. 1, in Richmond
Steuben and Lafayette, S-1 Rte. 1, at s. entrance to Richmond
First Trolley Car System in Richmond, SA-25 5th St. between Marshall St. and the Coliseum
Trinity Methodist Church, SA-26 Broad St. at 20th St.
Windsor, SA-28 4601 Lilac Ln.
Wilton, SA-29 Cary Street Rd. and Wilton Rd.
Ampthill, SA-30 Cary Street Rd. and Ampthill Rd.
Site of J. E. B. Stuart's Death, SA-32 206W. Grace St.
Virginia Historical Society, SA-33 Boulevard at Kensington Ave.
Craig House, SA-34 Grace St. near 19th St.
Saint John's Episcopal Church, SA-37 Broad St. near 24th St.
Monumental Church, SA-38 Broad St. near College St.
Origins of Richmond, SA-39 Franklin St. between 17th and 18th sts.

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