Signs of History (SM)


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Folly Castle, QA-1 W. Washington St.
Trading Station and Tavern, QA-2 Sycamore and Bollingbrook sts.
World War Memorials, QA-3 Wythe St. and Crater Rd.
World War Memorials, QA-4 Sycamore and Wythe sts.
Poplar Lawn, QA-5 Filmore and S. Sycamore sts.
Fort Henry, QA-6 W. Washington and N. South sts.
General Lee's Headquarters, QA-7 W. Washington and Lafayette sts.
Niblo's Tavern, QA-8 Bollingbrook and Second sts.
Battersea, QA-9 W. Washington St. and Battersea Ln.
St. Paul's Church, QA-10 W. Washington St.
Blandford Church and Cemetery, QA-11 Crater Rd. near Cameron St.
Battle of Petersburg, QA-12 Crater Rd. at Cameron St.
East Hill, QA-13 E. Bank and Fourth sts.
Two Noted Homes, QA-14 W Washington and S. Market sts.
Formation of the Southern Methodist Church, QA-15 N. Sycamore St. near Washington St.
Graham Road, QA-16 Crater and Graham rds.
Graham Road, QA-17 Graham Rd. and Clinton St.
The First Methodist Meeting House, QA- 18 Grove Ave. and Fleet St.
Grace Episcopal Church, QA-19 High St. and Cross St.

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