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Newport News

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(includes old Warwick County)

This community was known to Captain John Smith as Point Hope, but was called Newportes Newes as early as 1619. The name may commemorate Captain Christopher Newport. commander of five expeditions to Jamestown during 1606-12.

Skiffes Creek, W-53 Rte. 60, 1 mile n.w. of Lee Hall
Lee Hall, W-54 Rte. 60, at Lee Hall
To Yorktown, W-55 Rte. 60, at Lee Hall
Fort Eustis, W-56 Rte. 337, 1 mile s. of Lee Hall
Mulberry Point, W-57 Rte. 337, 1 mile s. of Lee Hall
Lee's Mill, W-58 Rte. 337, 2 miles s.e. of Lee Hall
Battle of Dam No.1, W-59 Rte. 60, 1.9 miles s.e. of Lee Hall
Warwick Courthouse, W-60 Rte. 60, at Denbigh (14421 Old Courthouse Way)
Denbigh Plantation, W-61 Rte. 60, 2.2 miles e. of Denbigh, at Menchville Rd.
Warwick River, W-62 Rte. 337, 4 miles s.e. of Denbigh
Young's Mill, W-63 Rte. 337, .75 mile s.e. of Denbigh
Waters Creek, W-64 Rte. 60, 6.5 miles s.e. of Denbigh
Denbigh Baptist Church, W-65 Rte. 60, 2.6 miles s.e. of Denbigh
Battle of Big Bethel, W-66 Rte. 60, at Morrison
Battle of Big Bethel, W-66 Rte. 60, at Rte. 306
Mary's Mount, W-67 Rte. 337, 1 mile n.w. of Hilton Village
Camp Hill, W-68 Rte. 337, near Hilton Village
Blunt Point, W-69 Rte. 337, 1 mile n. of Hilton Village
Newport News, W-70 Twenty-seventh St. at the waterfront
Settlement of Newport News, W-70 Rte. 337, w. entrance of Newport News
Newport News, W-70 s. end of Twenty-sixth St.
Lee's Mill Earthworks, W-71 Rte. 60, .2 mile e. of Rte. 105

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