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Amherst County

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Area: 470 square miIes

Formed in 1761 from Albemarle, and named for Jeffrey, Lord Amherst British commander in the French and Indian War. Balcony FaIls are in this county.
State Colony, I-5 Rte. 29, 1 mile n. of Lynchburg
Lynchhurg Defenses, R-4 Rte. 29, I mile n. of Lynchburg
Sweet Briar College Chartered 1901, R-20 Rte. 29, 2 miIes s. of Amherst
Constitution Forest, R-59 Rte. 60, at Rockbridge County line
Grave of Patrick Henry's Mother, R-60 Rte. 151, just s. of Clifford
Action at Tye River, R-6 I Rte. 29, s. of Tye River Bridge

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