Signs of History (SM)

Adair County

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Jane Lampton Home (State Marker 128, Opposite Courthouse yard, Columbia, KY 55, 80, County)
Col. Frank L. Wolford (State Marker 604, Columbia, Courthouse lawn, KY 80)
Confederate Raids (State Marker 707, Columbia, Courthouse lawn, KY 61, 80)
Site of Casey Home (State Marker 806, 3 miles SW of Columbia, KY 80, County)
County Named, 1801 (State Marker 1139, Columbia, Courthouse lawn, KY 61, 80)
Adair County Courthouse (State Marker 1599, Columbia, Courthouse lawn, KY 55 & 80)
Daniel Trabue 1760-1840 (State Marker 1782, 299 Jamestown St., Columbia)
Janice Holt Giles 1905-1979 (State Marker 1813, Near Janice Holt Files home, KY 76 and Spout Springs Rd. County)

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