Signs of History (SM)

Wayne County

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Mill Springs (State Marker 75, E. of Mill Springs, KY 90 [old], Wayne Co.)
Morgan's First Raid (State Marker 626, Monticello, N. of city limits, KY 90, 92, Wayne Co.)
County Named, 1800 (State Marker 804, Monticello, Courthouse lawn, KY90, 92, Wayne Co.)
Coach And Four (State Marker 818, Monticello, KY 90, 92, Wayne Co.)
Price's Meadow (State Marker 988, 10 mi. N. of Monticello, KY 90, Wayne Co.)
Monticello (State Marker 989, Monticello, KY 90, 92, Wayne Co.)
Joshua Jones (State Marker 1153, In front of Wayne Co. Public Library, S. Main St., Monticello, Wayne Co.)
West-Metcalfe House (State Marker 1275, Mill Springs Roadside Park, KY 1275, Wayne Co.)
Camp Bingham 1969 (State Marker 1292, Near Jabez, KY 196, Wayne Co.)
Robert Worth Bingham, 1871-1937
Horse Hollow Cabin (State Marker 1477, Michigan Ave., at First Christian Church, Monticello, KY 92, Wayne Co.)

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