Signs of History (SM)

Union County

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Civil War Action (State Marker 187, Old Caseyville, KY 130, Union Co.)
U.S. Treasurer (State Marker 211, N. of Sturgis, near Jct. KY 109 & 130, Union Co.)
Forrest Reconnoitered (State Marker 612, Morganfield, US 60, 641, Union Co.)
Forrest Reconnoitered (State Marker 616, Sturgis, US 60, 641, Union Co.)
Bell Mines (State Marker 633, Sturgis, US 60, Union Co.)
Richards Home Site (State Marker 842, E. of Boxville, KY 56 & 983, Union Co.)
The Robert E. Lee Won With Sturgis Coal (State Marker 1092, Sturgis, US 60, Union Co.)
Union County, 1811 (State Marker 1250, Morganfield, Courthouse lawn, US60, 641, Union Co.)
Lincoln Spoke Here (State Marker 1329, Morganfield, Courthouse lawn, KY 56, Union Co.)
Camp Breckinridge (State Marker 1424, Main entrance to Camp Breckinridge, US 60, Union Co.)
Morgan Springs (State Marker 1547, Main St. in front of City Hall, Morganfield, KY 56, Union Co.)
Nally SPA (State Marker 1588, Jct. KY 56 & 758, Union Co.)
St. Vincent's Academy (State Marker 1717, Between Waverly and Morganfield, near Jct. US 60 & KY 141, Union Co.)
Baseball Great (State Marker 1762, 2 1/4 mi. from Morganfield at entrance to Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center, US 60, Union Co.)
George Huston (State Marker 1787, 205 N. Brady St., Morganfield, Union Co.)

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