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Shelby County

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Squire Boone's Station, 1779 (State Marker 28, Shelbyville, across from courthouse, US 60, Shelby Co.)
Jeptha's Knob (State Marker 161, Clay Village, US 60, 460, Shelby Co.)
Benj. Logan -- Pioneer (State Marker 709, 4 mi. W. of Shelbyville, US 60, 460, Shelby Co.)
James Knox -- Pioneer
Pioneer Station (State Marker 848, 2 mi. N. of Shelbyville, KY 55, Shelby Co.)
Squire Boone
Science Hill School (State Marker 971, Shelbyville, at school, US 60, 460, Shelby Co.)
Maj. Bland W. Ballard (State Marker 1088, 6 mi. E. of Shelbyville, US 60, Shelby Co.)
Tick Creek Massacre
The Blockhouse (State Marker 1089, 5th and Main Sts., Shelbyville, US 60, Shelby Co.)
Martin's Raid
Capt. John Simpson (State Marker 1128, Simpsonville, US 60, Shelby Co.)
The Armstrong Hotel (State Marker 1129, 6th & Main Sts., Shelbyville, US 60, Shelby Co.)
Shelby County, 1792 (State Marker 1238, Shelbyville, Courthouse lawn, US 60, 460, Shelby Co.)
Shelby County Hemp (State Marker 1320, 3 1/2 mi. E. of Shelbyville, Jct. US 60 & KY 714, Shelby Co.)
Shelbyville Fountain (State Marker 1379, Shelbyville public sq., US 60, Shelby Co.)
Gen. Joseph Winlock (1758-1831) (State Marker 1409, KY 55, approx. 2 1/2 mi. S. of I-64, Shelby Co.)
Dr. John Knight (1748-1838)
Whitney M. Young, Jr. (1921-1971) (State Marker 1419, Entrance to Residential Manpower Center, Simpsonville, US 60, West, Shelby Co.)

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