Signs of History (SM)

McCreary County

For a map directing you to McCreary County click here.
4-H Craft Center (State Marker 666, 4 mi. W. of Cumberland Falls Park, KY 90, McCreary Co.)
First Kentucky Oil Well (State Marker 702, Whitley City, Courthouse lawn, US 27, McCreary Co.)
Martin Beaty (Beatty)
Timber Tunnel (State Marker 900, 4.8 mi. W. of Yamacrow, KY 92, McCreary Co.)
Robbers' Roost Cave (State Marker 1074, 2 1/2 mi. W. of Strunk, Jct. new US 27 & KY 1470, McCreary Co.)
Princess Cornblossom (State Marker 1075, Near Stearns, US 27, McCreary Co.)
McCreary County, 1912 (State Marker 1243, Whitley City, Courthouse lawn, US 27, McCreary Co.)
Stephen's Old Mill (State Marker 1356,4 mi. E. of Pine Knott, KY 92, McCreary Co.)
Sandhill 4-H Conservation Camp (State Marker 1633, 7 mi. from Cumberland Falls State Park, KY 700, 4 1/2 mi. off US 27, McCreary Co.)

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