Signs of History (SM)

Kenton County

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Daniel Carter Beard, 1850-1941 (State Marker 50, 322 E. Third St., Covington, Kenton Co.)
John G. Carlisle -- Covington (State Marker 167, Covington, Northern Ky. Univ., West Campus, US 25, Kenton Co.)
A Confederate Thrust (State Marker 519, Ft. Mitchell Country Club, off US 25, 42, Kenton Co.)
Fort Mitchel (State Marker 546, Dixie Highway, Ft. Mitchel, Kenton Co.)
County Named, 1840 (State Marker 1168, Independence, Courthouse lawn, KY 17, Kenton Co.)
Carneal House, ca. 1815 (State Marker 1429, 406 E. Second St., Covington, Kenton Co.)
Mother Of God Church (State Marker 1460, 119 W. 6th St., Covington, Kenton Co.)
The Point (State Marker 1472, George Rogers Clark Park, Riverside Dr., Covington, Kenton Co.)
Pioneer Leaders Here
Sandford House (State Marker 1484, 1026 Russell Street, Covington, Kenton Co.)
Western Baptist Theological Institute
Noted Historian (State Marker 1488, 502 Scott St., Covington, Kenton Co.)
Trinity Episcopal Church (State Marker 1527, Madison Ave., Covington, Kenton Co.)
Grace United Church Of Christ (State Marker 1531, 819 Willard St., Covington, Kenton Co.)
Grant House (State Marker 1594, 520 Greenup St., Covington, Kenton Co.)
Roebling Suspension Bridge (State Marker 1601, At end of bridge, Covington, KY 17, Kenton Co.)
Timberlake (State Marker 1626, 108 Stevenson, Erlanger, KY 236, Kenton Co.)
Confederate Financier (State Marker 1638, Dixie Highway at Beechwood Rd., Ft. Mitchell, US 25 & 42, Kenton Co.)
First United Methodist Church (State Marker 1659, 5th & Greenup Sts., Covington, Kenton Co.)
Holmes High School (State Marker 1691, 25th St. & Madison Ave., Covington, Kenton Co.)
Holmesdale Estate
William Goebel -- Lawyer (State Marker 1709, At Goebel Park, 6th & Philadelphia Sts., Covington, Kenton Co.)
William Goebel -- Governor
Gen. Ormsby MacKnight Mitchel (State Marker 1758, Ft. Mitchell, Grandview Dr., Kenton Co.)
Jacob Price (State Marker 1821, Jacob Price Homes, Greenup St., Covington, Kenton Co.)
Haven Gillespie (1888-1975) (State Marker 1836, Goebel Park, 5th & Philadelphia Sts., Covington, Kenton Co.)

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