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Hart County

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Hart County (State Marker 43, Munfordville, US 31W, KY 88, Hart Co.)
Battle Of Munfordville (State Marker 119, 2 mi. S. of Munfordville, US 31-W, Hart Co.)
Glen Lilly (State Marker 155, Munfordville, US 31-W, Hart Co.)
Old Munford Inn (State Marker 204, 1st & Main, Munfordville, US 31-W, Hart Co.)
Bacon Creek Bridge (State Marker 530, Bonnieville, US 31-W, Hart Co.)
Rowlett's Station (State Marker 656, 1,000 ft. N. of Rowletts on US 31-W, Hart Co.)
Early Gunpowder Mill (State Marker 875, New Linwood, US 31-E, Hart Co.)
Church-Hospital (State Marker 879, Munfordville, US 31-W, Hart Co.)
Site, Aetna Furnace (State Marker 949, Jonesville, US 31-E, Hart Co.)
Joseph A. Altsheler (State Marker 1002, KY 218, Three Springs, Hart Co.)
On Washington's Guard (State Marker 1190, At Three Forks Baptist Church, Hammonsville, KY 357, Hart Co.)
Lt. Charles Moran - USAF (State Marker 1207, Horse Cave, Jct. US 31-W & KY 218, Hart Co.)
Morgan Inducted -- CSA (State Marker 1235, US 31-W & KY 88, Hart Co.)
Hart County, 1819 (State Marker 1236, Munfordville, Courthouse lawn, US 31-W, Hart Co.)
An Indian Ambush (State Marker 1299, Bonnieville, Jct. US 31-W & KY 728, Hart Co.)
Henry Clay Furnace (State Marker 1390, Adjacent to Courthouse, Munfordville, US 31-W, Hart Co.)
Last Recorded Indian Raid (State Marker 1414, 1/2 mi. NE of Legrande, KY 436, Hart Co.)
Lt. Gov. James G. Hardy (State Marker 1491, Near Barren County line, US 31-E, Hart Co.)
Battle Of Rowletts Station (State Marker 1504, 2 mi. S. of Munfordville, US 31-W, Hart Co.)

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