Signs of History (SM)

Harrison County

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Ruddle's Station (State Marker 107, 4 mi. S. of Cynthiana, US 27, Harrison Co.)
Battle Of Cynthiana (State Marker 109, Cynthiana, US 27, 62, Harrison Co.)
A Renowned Piscator (State Marker 651, Cynthiana, S. of bridge, US 27, Harrison Co.)
The Confederates Here (State Marker 673, N. of Viaduct, Cynthiana, US 27, Harrison Co.)
Morgan's Last Raid (State Marker 692, Claysville, US 62, Harrison Co.)
Death Valley Scotty (State Marker 1069, S. of Cynthiana, US 27, HarrisonCo.)
Stony Castle (State Marker 1084, Near Berry, KY 1054, Harrison Co.)
County Named, 1793 (State Marker 1171, Cynthiana, Courthouse lawn, US 27, 62, Harrison Co.)
Lindsey Cemetery (State Marker 1 1/2 mi. N. of KY 36 on KY 1743, Harrison Co.)


Makemson MIll And Distillery
The Old Cemetery (State Marker 1428, At cem., adjacent to Main St., US 27, Harrison Co.)
Indian Creek Baptist Church (State Marker 1457, In front of church, KY 32 & 36,Harrison Co.)
Old Log Court House (State Marker 1539, 10 Court St., Cynthiana, Harrison Co.)

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