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Greenup County

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Chanoah Marker (State Marker 31, Ancient Indian Old Fields)(South Portsmouth, KY 10, Greenup Co.)
A First In Steel (State Marker 214, Bod Co. line, US 23, Greenup Co.)
A Masterful Retreat (State Marker 520, Greenup, Courthouse lawn, US 23, Greenup Co.)
Grave Of Lucy Virgin Downs, 1769-1847 1,000 feet west (State Marker 574, Oldtown, KY 1, Greenup Co.)
County Named, 1803 (State Marker 784, Greenup, Courthouse lawn, US 23, Greenup Co.)
Argillite Furnace (State Marker 975, Argillite, 7 mi. S. of Greenup Co.)
Buffalo Furnace (State Marker 976, Entrance to Greenbo Lake Park, KY 1, Greenup Co.)
Steam Furnace (State Marker 1008, Wurtland,US 23 at KY 503, Greenup Co.)
Raccoon Furnace (State Marker 1009, Greenup, US 23 at KY 2, Greenup Co.)
Pine Grove Furnace (State Marker 1011, Near South Shore, Jct. KY 7 & 784, Greenup Co.)
Kenton Furnace (State Marker 1015, Load, KY 7, Greenup Co.)
Pennsylvania Furnace (State Marker 1016, Argillite, KY 1 at Gulp Creek Rd., Greenup Greenup Co.)
Laurel Furnace (State Marker 1019, Oldtown, KY 1 & Laurel Creek Rd., Greenup Co.)
Bellefonte Furnace (State Marker 1020, Greenup-Boyd Co. line, KY 5, Greenup Co.)
Bennett's Mill Bridge (State Marker 1076, 8 mi. S. of South Shore, KY 7, Greenup Co.)
Hew Hampshire Furnace (State Marker 1130, N. of Lynn, KY 7 at Brushy Creek Rd., Greenup Co.)
Caroline Furnace (State Marker 1132, 4 mi. W. of Raceland city limits, US 23 at Caroline Furnace Rd., Greenup Co.)
Amanda Furnace (State Marker 1142, Approx. 1 mi. W. of Boyd Co. line, US 23, Greenup Co.)
Hopewell Furnace (State Marker 1143, Hopewell, KY 1, Greenup Co.)
Enterprise Furnace (State Marker 1147, US 23 at KY 1215, Greenup Co.)
Bellefonte Furnace (State Marker 1149, US 23, just W. Boyd Co.line, Greenup Co.)
Globe Furnace (State Marker 1156, At Bennett's Mill Bridge, KY 7 at KY 1215, Greenup Co.)
E. K. Railroad (State Marker 1178, Jct. US 23 & KY 1, Greenup Co.)
Greenup "Town Fathers" (State Marker 1529, Greenup, Courhouse lawn, US 23 & KY 2, Greenup Co.)
Oldtown Covered Bridge (State Marker 1585, Approximately 9 mi. S. of Greenbo Lake State Park, KY 1 near Frazzer Branch Rd., Greenup Co.)
Jesse Stuart (1906-1984) (State Marker 1808, Jct. W-Hollow Rd. & KY 1, Greenup Co.)
Jesse Stuart (1906-1984) (State Marker 1814, Roadside park near Jesse Stuart Mem. Bridge, Greenup Co.)

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