Amos Kendall (1769-1869)

Signs of History(SM)
This noted journalist -- pollitician lived here. A Massachusetts native, he migrated to Kentucky in 1814 and spent one year with the family of Henry Clay as tutor. From 1816-28, Kendall resided in Frakfort as editor of the Argus of Western America. First a supporter of Henry Clay, he later promoted Andrew Jackson and helped carry Kentucky for him in 1828.

Amos Kendall moved to Washington with Jackson administration, 1829. Joined group of close presidential advisors known as "Kitchen Cabinet" and served five years as postmaster general. He gained wealth as business agent for Samuel F. B. Morse, 1845-1869; his generous donations helped to found school for deaf and mute, later Gallaudet College in Washington, D. C.

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