Signs of History (SM)

Edmonson County

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Civil War Skirmish (State Marker 607, Near Green River Bridge, Brownsville, KY 259, Edmonson Co.)
County Named, 1825 (State Marker 797, Brownsville, KY 70, 101, Edmonson Co.)
Brownsville (State Marker 802, Brownville, KY 70, 101, Edmonson Co.)
Marvel Mills Logan (State Marker 910, Near Fairview, KY 259, Edmonson Co.)
Sand Cave (State Marker 1385, Old entrance road to Cavve area, KY 255, Edmonson Co.)
Nolin Furnace (State Marker 1396, Information Center at Moutadier Camp Ground, KY 2067, Edmonson Co.)
Mill Hole Farm - Prehistoric Site (State Marker 1669, 4 mi. S. of Park City, US 31-W, Edmonson Co.)

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