Signs of History (SM)

Crittenden County

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Courthouse Burned (State Marker 596, Marion, Courthouse lawn, US 60, 641, Crittenden Co.)
Forrest Reconnoitered (State Marker 615, 1 mi. NE of Marion, US 60, Crittenden Co.)
A Renowned Senator (State Marker 668, 4 mi. W. of Marion, US 60, KY 297, Crittenden Co.)
Centerville (State Marker 1097, US 641 at Caldwell County line, Crittenden Co.)
County Named, 1842 (State Marker 1160, Marion, Courthouse lawn, US 60, 641, Crittenden Co)
A Pioneer Route (State Marker 1185, Mattoon, 4 1/2 mi. NE of Marion, US 60, 641, Crittenden Co.)
Crittenden Furnace (State Marker 1210, 2 1/2 mi. N. of Dycusburg, Crittenden Co.)


Iron Made In Kentucky
Hurricane Furnace (State Marker 1225, 2 mi. E. of Tolu, KY 135, Crittenden Co.)
Weston (State Marker 1298, Mattoon, US 60, Crittenden Co.)
Deer Creek Furnace (State Marker 1450, Approx. 4 mi. SE of Tolu at Jct. KY 135 & 1668, Crittenden Co.)
Senator W. J. Deboe (State Marker 1499, South Main St., Marion, US 60 & KY 91, Crittenden Co.)
Family of Judges (State Marker 1522, 225 W. Bellville St., Marion, KY 91, Crittenden Co.)
Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church (State Marker 1526, W. of Crayne, KY 688, Crittenden Co.)


Pioneer Church

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