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Clark County

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Canewood 1 1/14 miles --->(State Marker 116, 6 1/2 mi. N. of Whichester, KY 627, Clark Co.)
Governor James Clark (State Marker 127, Colby Rd., Winchester, KY 627, Clark Co.
Lulbegrud Creek (State Marker 137, Clark-Powell Cp. line, KY 15, Clark Co.)
"Morgan's Men" Here (State Marker 625, Winchester, Courthouse lawn, US 60 & KY 627, Clark Co.)
Roy Stuart Cluke (State Marker 679, 6 mi. W. of Winchester on KY 1927, Clark Co.)
Rare 1860 Tombstones (State Marker 710, 3 mi. S. of Winchester, KY 15, Clark Co.)
Sculptor's Birthplace (State Marker 731, 1 mi. E. of Winchester, US 60, Clark Co.)
Spring Hill (State Marker 948, 6 1/2 mi. W. of Winchester on Colby Rd., Clark Co.)
Hanson Home Site (State Marker 951, Lexington Ave., Winchester, US 60, Clark Co.)
Capt. John Strode (State Marker 1047, 1 mi. W. of Winchester, US 60, Clark Co.)
Capt, John Holder (State Marker 1048, Athens-Boonesboro Rd., Howard's Creek, Clark Co.)
Old Providence Church (State Marker 1068, 5 mi. S. Winchester-Richmond Rd., at Old Stone Rd., Clark Co.)
County Named, 1793 (State Marker 1217, Winchester, Courthouse lawn, US 60, Clark Co.)
Indian Old Fields (State Marker 1274, 11 mi. SE of Winchester, KY 15, Clark Co.)
Caveland (State Marker 1318, Jones Nursery Rd., 7 mi. N. of Hootentown-Fayette Co. Line Rd., Clark Co.)
Clark County Hemp (State Marker 1319, 5 mi. W. of Winchester, US 60, Clark Co.)
Colbyville Tavern (State Marker 1358, 5 mi. W. of Winchester, Colby Rd., KY 927, at Jct. of Becknerville Rd., Clark Co.)
East Broadway Cemetery (State Marker 1399, E. Broadway & Park Ave., Winchester, Clark Co.)
East Ky. Power Cooperative (State Marker 1894, 4758 Lexington Rd., Winchester, Clark Co.)
Bert T. Combs [1911-1991] (State Marker 1929, Beech Creek Cern., near Manchester, Clark Co.)

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