Signs of History (SM) 

Bell County

For a map directing you to Bell County click here.
The Wilderness Road (State Marker 54, South of Pineville, US 25-E, County)
Colonel Arthur Campbell (State Marker 129, Middlesboro, US 25-E)
Joshua Fry Bell (State Marker 198, Pineville, Courthouse lawn, US 25-E)
A Masterful Retreat (State Marker 521, Cumberland Gap, US 25-E, County)
Invasion and Retreat (State Marker 683, Pineville, US 25-E)
Middlesborough (State Marker 832, Tourist Info. Center, Cumberland Ave., Middlesboro, KY 74)
Mountain Vision (State Marker 1227, W. Cumberland Ave., Middlesboro, US 25)
Oldest House (State Marker 1228, N. of 19th St., Middlesboro, US 25)
Middlesboro Golf Club (State Marker 1262, Middlesboro, at Golf Club, US 25)
Wallsend Mine (State Marker 1272, Pineville, US 25-E)
Henderson Settlement (State Marker 1286, S. of Pineville at Bert Combs Forestry Bldg., KY 190, County)
Watts Furnaces (State Marker 1402, Middlesboro, US 25-E at KY 441)
Cumberland Ford (State Marker 1426, KY 66 & Pine St., Pineville)
Kentucky - Tennessee Boundary (State Marker 1868, At Kentucky - Tennessee Boundary)

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