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Barren County

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Christmas Mishap (State Marker 544, Glasgow, Courthouse lawn, US 31-E, 68)
Home of Governor Leslie (State Marker 609, Glasgow, US 31-E, 68)
Long Hunters' Camp (State Marker 635, 1/2 mile N. Jct with Ky 90, US 31-E, County)
Settles Rifles (State Marker 687, SW of Glasgow, KY 252, County)
Bear Wallow (State Marker 698, At Hart Co. line, Bear Wallow, US 31-E, County)
Bell's Tavern (State Marker 1039, Park City, 2 blocks off US 31-W)
Confederate Congressional Medal Of Honor (State Marker 1133, Glasgow, Courthouse lawn, US 31-E, 68)
Barren County, 1798 (State Marker 1255, Glasgow, Courthouse lawn, US 31-E,68)
Fort Williams (State Marker 1290, W. of Glasgow Municipal Cemetery, between Cemetery & US 31-E bypass)
General Joseph H. Lewis, 1824-1904 (State Marker 1317, Cave City, US 31-W)
Partisan Protected (State Marker 1365, Park, Jct. KY 571 & 740, County)
Cave City Raid (State Marker 1489, Cave City at Publick Park, KY 70)
Home of Arthur Krock (State Marker 1718, East Main St., KY 90, at May St. Glasgow)
First Presbyterian Church (State Marker 1951, 200 E. Washington St., Glasgow)

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