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Southampton County

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Area: 604 square miles Formed in 1748 from Isle of Wight and Nansemond. Named for a locality that was originally named for the Earl of Southampton, active in the first settlement. General William Mahone was horn in this county.
Tarleton's Movements, U-102,Rte. 58, 8.2 miles e. of Emporia
John Y Mason's Home, U-105, Rte. 58, 8.2 miles e. of Emporia
Buckhorn Quarters, U-115, Rte. 58, 4.5 miles w. of Courtland
General Thomas's Birthplace, U-120, Rte. 58, 1.7 miles s.e. of Courtland
Nat Turner's Insurrection, U-122, Rte. 35 near Rte. 665
Southampton Insurrection, U-122, Rte. 58, 2 miles w. of Courtland
Major Joseph E. Gillette, U-123, Rte. 58, .9 mile w. of Franklin
Old Indian Reservation, U-124, Rte. 58, .8 mile w. of Courtland
William Mahone's Birthplace, US-3, Rte. 258, 2.2 miles s. of Franklin
South Quay, US-6, Rte. 258, 4.8 miles s. of Franklin

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