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Smyth County

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Area: 435 square miles

Formed in 1832 from Washington and Wythe, and named for General Alexander Smyth, member of Congress for many years Saltworks here were operated at an early date, and at Saltville a battle was fought in 1864.
Seven Mile Ford, K-19, Rte. 11, 2.9 miles e. of Chilhowie
William Campbell's Grave, K-20, Rte. 11, 2 miles e. of Chilhowie
Farthest West, 1750, K-21, Rte. 11, at Chilhowie
Chilhowie, K-22, Rte. 11, at Chilhowie
Early Church, K-24, Rte. 11, .6 mile e. of Marion
Battle of Marion, K-26, Rte. 11, at Marion e. Corp. limits
Site of Colonial Home, K-27, Rte. 11 at Rte. 16, in Marion
Saltville History, K-28, Rte. 107, 1 mile s. of Saltville
Early Settlers, K-30, Rte. 11, 8.5 miles e. of Marion
Hungry Mother State Park, K-33, Rte. 16, at entrance to park, 3.75 miles n. of Rte. 11
Marion, K-34, Smyth County Courthouse, in Marion
Sherwood Anderson, K-46, Rte. 11, at e. corp. limits of Marion
Saltville, KB-6, Rte. 91, at Saltville
State Fish Hatchery, UC-5, Rte. 16, 5 miles s.e. of Marion

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