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Prince Edward County

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Area: 356 square miles

Formed in 1753 from Amelia, and named for Prince Edward, son of Frederick, Prince of Wales, and younger brother of King George III General Joseph E. Johnston was born in this county; Hampden-Sydney College is in it.
Old Worsham, F-65, Rte. 15, 5.6 miles s. of Farmville
Slate Hill Plantation, F-66, Rte. 15, 6.5 miles s. of Farmville
Randolph-Macon Medical School, F-69, Rte. 15, 5 miles s. of Farmville
Kingsville, F-70, Rte. 15, s4.5 miles s. of Farmville
Providence, F-71, Rte. 15, 5.6 miles s. of Farmville
Campaign of 1781, F-72, Rte. 15, 5.6 miles s. of Farmville
High Bridge, F-73, Rte. 619 at Rte. 688, 2.25 miles n. of Rte. 460
Old Briery Church, F-75, Rte. 15, 2.4 miles n. of Keysville
Hampden-Sydney College, I-9, Rte. 692, at Hampton Sydney
State Teachers College at Farmville, I-15, Rte. 15, at Farmville
Longwood College, I-15, Rte. 460, at Farmville
Presbyterian Seminary, I-19, Rte. 1001, on campus of Hampden-Sydney College
Robert Russa Moton High School, M-1, Rte. 15 and Ely Street in Farmville
Lee's Retreat, M-24, Rte. 307, 3 miles e. of Rice
Battle of Sailor's Creek, M-25, Rte. 460, at Rice
Action of High Bridge, M-30, Rte. 460. at Rice
Longwood Estate, M-33, Rte. 460, at Farmville

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