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Orange County

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Area: 359 square miles

Formed in 1734 from Spotsylvania, and named for the prince of Orange, who in that year married Princess Anne, daughter of King George II. President James Madison lived in this county, and President Zachary Taylor was horn here.
Montebello, D-20, Rte. 33, 3 miles w. of Gordonsville
Barboursville, D-22, Rte. 33, at Barboursville
Kemper's Grave, F-17, Rte. 15, 2.7 miles n. of Orange
Church of the Blind Preacher, F-23, Rte. 15 .5 mile n. of Gordonsville
Woodherry Forest School, F-24, 1.5 miles n. of Orange
Montpelier and Madison's Tomb, F-26, Rte. 15, at Orange
Campaign of Second Manassas, F-32, Rte. 15, 3.2 miles s. of Orange
Germanna, J-34, Rte. 3, 4.8 miles w. of Wilderness
Germanna Ford, J-35, Rte. 3, 4.8 miles w. of Wilderness
Lee's Headquarters, JJ-2Rte. 20, 1.6 miles e. of Orange
Bloomsbury, JJ-4, Rte. 20, 3.3 miles e. of Orange
Campaign of Second Manassas, JJ-6, Rte. 20, 5.7 miles e. of Orange
Mine Run Campaign, JJ-10, Rte. 20, 6.6 miles e. of Unionville
Stuart's Escape, JJ-12, 4.1 miles e. of Unionville
Robinson's Tavern, JJ-15, Rte. 20, at Locust Grove
Battle of the Wilderness, JJ-20, Rte. 20, 2.9 miles e. of Locust Grove
Campaign of 1781, JJ-24, Rte. 20, 2.6 miles e. of Unionville (at Rhodesville)

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