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Nottoway County

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Area: 310 square miles

Formed in 1788 from Amelia, and named for an Indian tribe. Tarleton passed through this county in 1781. Here lived William Hodges Mann, Governor of Virginia 1910-14.
Nottoway Courthouse, K-170, Rte. 460, .2 mile w. of Nottoway
Blackstone, K-172, Rte. 460, at Blackstone
Fort Pickett, K-173, Rte. 40, 1 mile s. of Rte. 460
Lee's Retreat, M-16, Rte. 360, at Burkeville
Historic Burkeville, M-17, Rte. 360, at Burkeville
Francisco's Fight, M-18, Rte. 360, 6 miles n.e. of Burkeville
T.O. Sandy (First Co. Agent), M-20, Rte. 460, 2.1 miles e. of Burkeville
Civilian Conservation Corps Company 1370, M-21, Rte. 460, at Crewe e. corp. limits
Union Academy, SM-2, Rte. 42, at s. entrance of Blackstone
Lottie Moon, SM-2, Rte. 49, .4 mile s. of Crewe
Old Nottoway Meeting House, WK-4, Rte. 723, 2 miles s. of Burkeville

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