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Northumberland County

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Area: 205 square miles

Originally an Indian district called Chickacoan. In 1648 it became Northumherland County, named for an English county. The mouth of the Potomac River is here.
Coan River, JT-9, Rte. 360, 2.2 miles w. of Heathsvillie
Northumberland House and Mantua, JT-12, Rte. 360, 1 mile e. of Heathsville
Morattico Baptist Church, JX-5, Rte. 200, 2.8 miles n. of Kilmarnock
St. Stephen's Parish, O-49, Rte. 360, at Heathsville
Reedville, O-51, Rte. 360 at Rte. 726

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