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Nelson County

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Area: 473 square miles

Formed in 1807 from Amherst, and named for General Thomas Nelson, Governor of Virginia, 1781. Oak Ridge, an old home, is in this county.
Thomas Massie, OQ-4, Rtes. 56 and 666 at Massie's Mill
William Cabell, OQ-5, Rte. 56, at Wingina
Boyhood Home of Colonel Mosby, R-50, Rte. 6, 3 miles n. of Woods Mill
Hurricane Camille, R-51, Rte. 29, at Woods Mill Wayside
Lovingston, R-56, Rte. 250, at Lovingston
Birthplace of Rives, R-58, Rte. 29, 4 miles s. of Lovingston
Rockfish Church, RA-4, Rte. 151, 10.6 miles s. of Afton
William H. Crawford, RA-6, Rte. 151, 12.7 miles s. of Afton
Rockfish Gap Meeting, W-218, Rte. 250, 2 miles n.w. of Afton
Flight of Richard C. duPont, W-219, I-64 overlook on Afton Mountain

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