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Mathews County

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Area: 94 square miles

Formed in 1790 from Gloucester, and named for Colonel Thomas Mathews, Revolutionary soldier. Gwynn's Island, from which Dunmore was driven in 1776, is here.
Captain Sally L. Tompkins, C.S.A., 1833-1916, N-84, Rte. 611, 2 miles w. of Mathews Court House
Battle of Cricket Hill, N-85, Rte. 223, 4 miles n. of Mathews
Fitchett's Wharf, N-86, Rte. 642, at Moon Post Office
Kingston Parish Glebe, N-87, Rte. 621 near Rte. 611
Mathews County Courthouse Square, N-88, Rte. 611, .2 mile w. of Rte. 14
John Clayton, Botanist, NN-3, Rte. 14 e. of Gloucester Co. line

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