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Madison County

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Area: 324 square miles

Formed in 1792 from Culpeper, and named for James Madison, "Father of the American Constitution" and President of the United States. Governor Spotswood's exploring expedition passed here, 1716.
Jackson's Crossing, F-22, Rte. 15, 7.6 miles n. of Orange
Woodberry Forest School, F-24, Rte. 15, 6 miles n. of Orange
Cavalry Engagement at Jack's Shop, G-11, Rte. 231, 6.5 miles s. of Madison
Cavalry Engagement, G-11, Rte. 231, 5.5 miles s. of Madison
Joseph Early Home, G-12, Rte. 29, 3 miles s. of Madison
Jackson's March to Fredericksburg, JE-1, Rte 231, at Madison
Knights of the Golden Horseshoe, JE-2, Rte. 15, 3.3 miles n. of Orange
James L. Kemper Residence, Bus. JE-3, Rte. 29,. 1 mile s. of Madison
Hebron Church, JE-4, Rte. 231, 9.5 miles n. of Madison
A Camp of Stonewall Jackson's, JE-15, Rte. 670, I mile n. of Criglersville

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