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James City County

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Area: 164 square miiles

One of the original shires formed in 1634, and named for Jamestown, the first settlement in Virginia, 1607. Williamsburg is in this county.
New Kent Road, W-26 Rte. 60, 3 miles n.w. of Toano
White Hall Tavern, W-27 Rte. 60, 1.3 miles n.w of Toano
Olive Branch Christian Church, W-28 Rte. 60, .9 mile s.e. of Toano
Hickory Neck Church, W-30 Rte. 60, .8 mile n.w. of Toano
State Shipyard, W-31 Rte. 60, at Toano
Chickahominy Church, W-32 Rte. 60, at Toano
Burnt Ordinary, W-33 Rte. 60, at Toano
Six-Mile Ordinary, W-34 Rte. 60, 4.3 miles s.e. of Toano
Spencer's Ordinary, W-35 Rte. 60, 4.3 miles s.e. of Toano
Green Spring, W-36 Rte. 60, 4.3 miles s.e. of Toano
Peninsular Campaign, W-37 Rte. 60, n.w. entrance of Williamsburg
Iron-Bound Road, W-38 Rte. 60, 3 miles n.w. of Williamsburg
Quarter Path, W-42 Rte. 60, s.e. entrance of Williamsburg
Battle of Williamsburg, W-43 Rte. 60, .3 mile s.e. of Williamsburg
Magruder's Defenses, W-44 Rte. 60, .3 mile s.e. of Williamsburg
Whitaker's House, W-45 Rte. 60, 1.4 miles s.e. of Williamsburg
Kingsmill, W-47 Rte. 60, 2.4 miles s.e. of Williamsburg
Littletown, W-48 Rte. 60, 2.8 miles s.e. of Williamsburg
Trebell's Landing, W-49 Rte. 60, 5.1 miles se. of Williamsburg
Carter's Grove, W-50 Rte. 60, 3.25 miles s.e. of Williamsburg
Martin's Hundred, W-51 Rte. 60, at entrance to Carter's Grove
Martin's Hundred, W-51* Rte. 60,6.7 miles se. of Williamsburg
Martin's Hundred Church, W-52 Rte. 60, 6.7 miles s.e. of Williamsburg
First Africans in English America, WT-1 Rte. 31, .2 miles. of Rte. 614

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