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Goochland County

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Area: 287 square miles

Formed in 1727 from Henrico, and named for William Gooch, Governor of Virginia I 727-49. Cornwallis and Lafayette passed through this county in 1781.
Elk Hill, SA-5 Rte. 6, 1 mile w. of George's Tavern
Goochland Courthouse, SA-10 Rte. 6, at Goochland
Dungeness, SA-11 Rte. 6 at the courthouse
Dahlgren's Raid, SA-14 Rte. 6, 2.1 miles e. of Crozier
Sabot Hill, SA-18 Rte. 6, 2.6 miles e. of Crozier
The Huguenot Settlement, SA-20 Rte. 6, 5.9 miles e. of Crozier
William Webber, SA-22 Rte. 6, 6 miles e. of Crozier at Manakin
Tuckahoe, SA-24 Rte. 650, w. of Henrico Co. line
Dahlgren's Raid, SA-27 Rte. 650, 9 miles w. of Richmond
Boiling Hall, SA-35 Rte. 6, 4 miles w. of Goochland Court House
Boiling Island, SA-36 Rte. 6, 4 miles w. of Goochland Court House
Reuben Ford, V-18 Rte. 250, 1.9 miles e. of Oilville

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