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Fauquier County

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Area: 666 square miles

Formed in 1759 from Prince William, and named for Frances Fauquier, Governor of Virginia, 1758-1768. Chief Justice John Marshall was born in this county.
Jackson's Bivouac, B-20 Rtes. 50 and 17, at Paris
Delaplane, B-2 I Rte. 17, 6.5 miles s. of Paris
Ancient Highway, B-24 Rte. 17, 1 mile s. of Paris
Mosby's Rangers, B-25 Rte. 50, 4 miles w. of Middleburg
Stuart and Gregg, B-31 Rte. 50, .4 mile e. of Upperville
Mosby's Raid At Catlett's Station, B35 Route 28 in Catlett, VA (Fauquier County).
Stuart and Mosby, B-36 Rte. 28.3.1 miles w. of Prince William Co. line
Brent Town, BX-2 Rte. 806, 5 miles s. of Catlett
Neavil's Ordinary, BX-7 Rte. 670, 6.1 miles e. of Warrenton
McClellan's Farewell, C-5 Rte. 211 3 miles w. of Buckland
Colonial Road, C-29 Rte. 211, 2.6 miles e. of Warrenton
Campaign of Second Manasas C-54 Rte. 211, 4.5 miles w. of Gainsville
Fredericksburg Campaign, C-56 Rte. 211, 2.6 miles e. of Warrenton
Black Horse Cavalry, C-57 Rte. 17/211 Bus. at Rte. 211, in Warre!lton
Campaign ot Second Manassas C-58 Rte. 211, 4 miles w. of Warrenton
Campaign of Second Manassas, C-60 Rte. 211, 5.1 miles w. of Warrenton
Campaign of Second Manassas, CB-1 Rte. 688, 12 miles w. of Warrenton
Ashland Farm, CB-2 Rte. 211, 4.4 miles w. of Warrenton
John Marshall's Birthplace, CL-3 Rte. 28, .8 mile e. of Midland
Campaign of Second Manassas, F-9 Rte. 55, at The Plains
Goldvein, F-18 Rte. 17, at Goldvein
John Marshall's Home, FB-2 Rte. 55, 4 miles w. of Marshall
Campaign of Second Manassas, FB-4 Rte. 55, at Marshall
Gettysburg Campaign, FF-4 Rte. 55, at Markham
Lee's Escape, FF-5 Rte. 55, 2 miles w. of Marshall
McClellan Relieved from Command, FF-8 Rte. 55, at Marshall
Manassas Gap, FF-9 Rte. 55, .57 mile e. of Linden
Leeton Forest, G-2 Rte. 802, .5 mile s. of Warrenton
Warrenton, Q-9 Rte. 802, at Warrenton
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