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Fairfax County

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Area: 417 square miles

Formed in 1742 from Prince William and Loudoun, and named for Lord Fairfax, proprietor of the Northern Neck. Mount Vernon, George Washington's home, is in this county.
Battle of Chantilly (Ox Hill), B-11 Rte. 50, 1.6 miles w. of 1-66
Colonel John Singleton Mosby, B-12 Rte. 50, 4. miles w. of Fairfax near Rte. 645
Action of Ox Hill, B-13 Rte. 50, 6.9 miles w. of Fairfax
Mosby's Midnight Raid, B-26 See marker location map, Fairfax
Maryland (Antietam/Sharpsburg) Campaign,  B-29 Rte. 50, at w. city limits, Fairfax
Burke Station, BW-3 Rte. 645 at Rte. 652, 3.11 miles n.e. of Rte. 123
Sully Plantation, C-18 Rte. 28, at milepost 350
First Battle of Manassas, C-20 Rte. 211, . 5 mile s. of Centerville
Confederate Defenses, C-21 Rte. 29, .5 mile s. of Centerville
Second Battle of Manassas, C-22 Rte. 29, .5 mile s. of Centerville
The Stone Bridge, C-23 Rte. 29, . 5 mile s. of Centerville.
Campaign of Second Manassas, C-40 Rte. 29, .5 mile s. of Centerville
First Battle of Manassas, C-42 Rte. 211, 1.8 miles w. of Centerville
The Falls Church, C-90 At Falls Church. s. of Rte. 7
Events on Pohick Creek, E-60 Rte. 1, 3.2 miles n. of Woodbridge
Occoquan Workhouse. E-61 Rte. 123, at Lorton Penitentiary Youth Center
Old Telegraph Line, E-62 Rte. 1, 4.1 miles n. of Woodbridge
Early Land Patents. E-63 Rte. 1, 5.6 miles n. of Woodhridge
Fort Humphreys, E-64 Rte. 1, .7 mile n. of Woodbridge
Gunston Hall, E-65 Rte. 1, 2.4 miles n. of Woodbridge
Woodlawn, E-66 Rte. 1, 7.4 miles s. of Alexandria
History On Dogue Run. E-67 Rte. 1, 7.1 miles s. of Alexandria
Mount Vernon Estate. E-68 Rte. 1, 4.5 miles s. of Alexandria
Little Hunting Creek, E-69 Rte. 1, 4.5 miles s. of Alexandria
Colonial Fort. E-70 Rte. 1, at Alexandria
Lewis Chapel/Cranford Memorial Methodist Church E-71, Rte. 242 at Rte. 611, .7 mile e. of Rte. 1
Pohick Church, E-72 Rte. 1, 4.3 miles n. of Woodbridge
Old Road to West, E-72 Rte. 50, at n. entrance of Alexandria
Washington's Mill, E-73 Rte. 1, 7.4 miles s. of Alexandria at Rte. 235
Indian Massacre, E-80 Rte. 1, 8.25 miles s. of Alexandria
Defenses of Washington, E-8 I Rte. 1, .8 mile s. of Alexandria
Gum Springs, E-94 Rte. 626, .27 mile e. of Rte. 1
Silas Burke House, E-95 Rte. 645, 2.5 miles n. of Rte. 123
Fairfax Nike Missile Site, E-98 Location currently unknown
Action at Dranesville, T-36 Rte. 7, at Dranesville
Sharpsburg (Antietam) Campaign, T-37 Rte. 7, at Dranesville
J. E. B. Stuart at Munson's Hill, T-39 Rte. 7, 3.03 miles w. of I-395
Lincoln Reviews Troops at Bailey's Crossroads, T-40 Rte. 7, 2.48 miles w. of I-395
Little River Turnpike, T-41 Rte. 650, .01 mile n. of Rte. 236
Ravensworth, T-42 Rte. 3090, .11 mile s. of Rte. 620 (Braddock Rd.)

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