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Culpeper County

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Area: 384 square miles

Formed in 1748 from Orange, and named for Lord Culpeper, Governor of Virginia 1680-83. The battle of Cedar Mountain, 1862, was fought in this county.
Stuart's Ride around Pope, C-8 Rte. 613, 6 miles w. of Warrenton
Greenwood, F-3 Rte. 15, .8 mile s. of Culpeper
Where Pelham Fell, F-10 Rte. 15, at Elkwood
Battle of Brandy Station, F-11 Rte. 29, 1 mile n. of Brandy
Battle of Brandy Station, F-11 Rtes. 15 and 29, .7 mile n.e. of Brandy
Betty Washington, F-12 Rte. 15, 3.1 miles n.e. of Culpeper
Opening of Gettysburg Campaign. F- 13 Rte. IS, .5 mile s.w. of Brandy
Signal Station, F-15 Rte. 15, 2 miles s. of Culpeper
Lee and Pope, F-16 Rte. 15, 4.7 miles s. of Culpeper
Battle of Cedar Mountain, F-19 Rte. 15, 3 miles s. of Culpeper
Battle of Cedar Mountain, F-20 Rtc. 15, 6.1 miles s. of Culpeper
Crooked Run Baptist Church, F-21 Rte. 15, 9.7 miles s. of Culpeper
Mitchells Presbyterian Church, F-25 Rte. 652, .28 mile e. of Rte. 615
Mitchells Presbyterian Church, F-25A Rte. 522 at Rte. 615, .25 mile s. of Winston
Campaign of Second Manassas, G-9 Rte. 211, 7 miles n.w. of Warrenton
Little Fork Church, G-9 Rte. 229, 6 miles s. of Rte. 211
General Edward Stevens, G- 10 Rte. 229, at n. entrance of Culpeper
George Washington Carver Regional High School, J-5 Rte. 15, 8 miles s. of Culpeper
John S. Barbour's Birthplace, J-6 Rte. 522, at w. entrance of Culpeper
Culpeper Minute Men, J-10 Rte. 522. at w. entrance of Culpeper
Signal Stations, J-15 Rte. 3, 3.6 miles e. of Culpeper
Opening of the Wilderness Campaign, J-33 Rte. 3, at Stevensburg

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