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Brunswick County

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Area: 557 square miles

Formed in 1720 from Prince George, Surry, and Isle of Wight. Named for the House of Brunswick, which came to the throne of England in 1714, when George I was crowned king. Colonial Fort Christanna was in this county.
Birch's Bridge, S-57 Rte. 1, 2.8 miles s. of McKenney
Ebenezer Academy, S-58 Rte. 1, 6.8 miles n. of Cochran
Sturgeon Creek, S-60 Rte. 1, 5.7 miles n. of Cochran
Old Brunswick Courthouse, S-65 Rte. 1, at Cochran
Fort Christanna, S-66 Rte. 1, at Cochran
Meherrin History, S-72 Rte. 1, 7.3 miles s. of Cochran
Campaign of 1865, 579 Rte. 1, 7.3 miles s. of Cochran
Mason's Chapel, SN-60 Rte. 46, 8 miles s. of Brunswick
Smoky Ordinary, SN-61 Rte. 712, 4.2 miles n. of Rte. 58
Fort Christanna, U-90 Rte. 58, w. of Lawrenceville

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