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Augusta County

State Marker Number Z 110

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Area: 1,006 square miles

Formed in 1738 from Orange, and named for Augusta, Princess of Wales and mother of King George III. Originally it included a large part of the Middle West. President Woodrow Wilson was born in Staunton.
Old Providence Church, A-3 1 Rte. 11, 1.4 miles n. of Steeles Tavern
New Providence Church, A-39 Rte. 11, at Steeles Tavern
First Settler's Camp, A-40 Rte. 11, at Steeles Tavern
Virginia Inventors, A-5i Rte. 11, at Steeles Tavern
Bethel Church, A-53 Rte. 11, 2.1 miles n. of Greenville
Birthplace of Woodrow Wilson, A-61 Rte. 11, 3.5 miles n. of Rte. 275
Bellefont, A-62 Rte. 254, 1 mile e. of Rte. 11
Willow Spout, A-99 Rte. 11, .03 mile s. of Rte. 742
Glebe Burying Ground, AL-5 Rte. 876, 12 miles s.w. of Staunton
Roanoke College, I-11-a Rte. 11, 2.1 miles n. of Greenville
Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center, I-18 Rte. 250 at Rte. 358, .88 mile w. of Fishersville
Jarman's Gap, JD-14 Rte. 340, 1.2 miles n. of Waynesboro
John Colter, JD-15 Rte. 340, 2.5 miles s. of 1-64
Walnut Grove, JF-15 Rte. 340, .3 mile s. of Waynesboro city limits
Last Indian Raid, W-79 Rte. 250, 4 miles w. of Staunton
Tinkling Spring Church, W-155 Rte. 608, 1.3 miles s. of Fishersville
First Settler's Grave, W-159 Rte. 250, at e. entrance of Staunton
Early's Last Battle, W- 160 Rte. 250, at w. entrance of Waynesboro
George Caleb Bingharn, W-220 Rte. 256 at Rte. 668, near Grottoes bridge

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