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Appomattox County

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Area: 342 square miles

Formed in 1845 from Buckingham. Prince Edward, Charlotte, and Campbell, and named for an Indian tribe. This county was the scene of Lee's surrender, April 9, 1865.
The Last Fight, K-156 Rte. 460, at Rte. 131, in Appomattox
Surrender at Appomattox, D-157 Rte. 460, at Rte. 131, in Appomattox
Appomattox Court House, New and Old, K-158, K-I58 Rte. 131, at town of Appomattox
Battle of Appomattox Station -- 1865, K-159 Main and Church sts. in Appomattox
Eldon, M-66 Rte. 460, at 131, in Appomattox
Eldon, M-66 Rte. 24, 1.1 miles n. of Appomattox
Inventor of the Banjo, M-66 Rte. 24, 3.2 miles e. of Appomattox
Clay Smoking Pipes, M-67 Rte. 460. at Pamplin
Appomattox Court House Confederate Cemetery, MG-1 Rte. 24, .2 miles e. of Appomattox
The Last Positions, MG-2 Rte. 24, 2 miles n. of Appomattox
Wildway, MG-3 Rte. 24, at Vera

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