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Albemarle County

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Area: 751 square miles

Formed in 1744 from Goochland and named for the Earl of Albemarle, titular governor of Virginia, 1734-54. In 1761 Albemarle was divided and Buckingham and Amherst formed, and a part of Louisa was added to Albemarle. Thomas Jefferson was born in this county and lived in it.
Ash Lawn, FL-8 Rte. 695, 4 miles s. of Charlottesville
General Sumter's Boyhood, G-25 Rte. 29.5 miles s. of Ruckersville
Rio Mills, G-26 Rte. 29. 5.75 miles n. of Charlottesville
Barclay House and Scottsville Museum, GA-35 Rte. 6, at Scottsville
Historic Scottsville, GA-36 Rte. 20, mt. Rte. 6 in Scottsvifle
Hatton Ferry, GA-37 Rte. 625, 5.75 miles w. of Scottsville
Hatton Ferry, GA-38 Rte. 6, at Rte. 726, .38 mile n.w. of Scottsville
Maury's School, JE-6 Rte. 231, 4.5 miles s.e. of Gordonsville
Edgar Allen Poe, Q29 University of Virginia campus, Charlottesville
Birthplace of Meriwether Lewis, W-161 Rte. 250, 5 miles w. of Charlottesville
Jackson's Valley Campaign, W-162 Rte. 250, at Mechums River
Revolutionary Soldiers Graves, W-163 Rte. 250, w. entrance to Charlottesville
Crozet, W-173 Rte. 240, in Crozet
Skirmish at Rio Hill, W-197 Rte. 15,3.5 miles n. of Charlottesville
Shadwell-Thomas Jefferson's Birthplace, W-198 Rte. 250, 3 miles e. of Charlottesville
Clark's Birthplace, W-199 Rte. 250, .2 mile e. of Charlottesville
Monticello, W-200 Charlottesville: at courthouse
Colle, W-201 Rte. 250, 4.2 miles e. of Charlottesville
Shadwell Estate, W-202 Rte. 250, 2.9 miles e. of Charlottesville
Edgehill, W-203 Rte. 250, 4.2 miles e. of Charlottesville
Castle Hill, W-204 Rte. 231, e. of Shadwell
Mechunk Creek, W-205 Rte. 22, 6 miles e. of Shadwell

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