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Formed on Feb. 26, 1773 out of Bedford County, it once embraced southwestern Pennsylvania. First seat of English justice west of Alleghenies. Site of 1775 "Hanna's Town Resolves." Greensburg, county seat, was incorporated 1799. (City type: NE corner, Courthouse Sq., Main & Otterman Sts., Greensburg.)

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( PA 136 at Youghiogheny River bridge, West Newton.)
HENRY CLAY FRICK ( PA 819 at SR 3089 [old US 119], N end Scottdale.)
JOHN W. GEARY ( PA 31 near SR 2003 [former LR 64131] E of Mount Pleasant.)
LOYALHANNING ( US 30 just SE of Ligonier.)
FORT LIGONIER ( Main & Market Sts., Ligonier.)
FORBES ROAD, 1758. FORT BEDFORD TO FORT DUQUESNE ( Plaque: 301 E. Main St. [SE corner, Main & Market Sts.], Ligonier.)
ARTHUR ST. CLAIR ( US 30, 6.5 miles NW of Ligonier.)
JOHNSTON HOUSE ( US 30, 7 miles NW of Ligonier.)
TWELVE MILE CAMP ( Junction US 30 & PA 981, 7.1 miles E of Greensburg.)
ST. VINCENT ( US 30, 6.6 miles E of Greensburg at College.)
ST. XAVIER'S ( US 30, 6 miles E of Greensburg at Academy.)
HANNASTOWN ( US 119 at SR 1032 [Forbes Rd.] N of Greensburg.)
TOLL HOUSE ( City type: E. Pittsburgh St. E of Stark St., Greensburg.)
TOLL HOUSE ( City type: Mount Odin Park, Greensburg.)
FORT ALLEN ( Plaque: at church, SR 3097 [former 64113] & St. Johns Rd., .5 mile S of PA 136 SW of Greensburg.)
BUSHY RUN ( US 30 at Lowry Ave., S end Jeannette.)
BUSHY RUN BATTLEFIELD ( At site, PA 993, 1 mile E of Harrison City.)
MURRYSVILLE GAS WELL ( US 22 at SR 4033 [Mill St.], Murrysville.)
FORBES ROAD, 1758. FORT BEDFORD TO FORT DUQUESNE ( Plaque: post office, Murrysville.)
FORBES ROAD ( US 22, 1.2 miles E of Murrysville.)
BUSHY RUN ( PA 66 at Pittsburgh St. [old US 22], Delmont.)
VANDERGRIFT ( City type: E lawn, Municipal Bldg., Washington Ave., Vandergrift.)
FANNIE SELLINS [1872-1919] ( Front of Union Cemetery, PA 366, Arnold.)

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