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Formed March 28, 1781 out of Westmoreland County and named for Gen. George Washington. A scene of activity in the Whiskey Rebellion, 1791-94. The county seat, Washington, was made a borough in 1810; a city in 1924. On the National Road, eventually U.S. 40. (City type: County Courthouse, Main St. & Cherry Way, Washington.)

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JAMES G. BLAINE ( 238 Main St., West Brownsville.)
HILL'S TAVERN ( US 40 at Scenery Hill.)
LE MOYNE CREMATORY ( City type: S. Main St. [ SR 2001, former LR 62131], S end Washington.)
WASHINGTON ( On main highways leading into city.)
WASHINGTON AND JEFFERSON COLLEGE ( City type: campus [E of College Ave.], Washington.)
LE MOYNE HOUSE ( City type: 49 E. Maiden St., Washington.)
EDWARD ACHESON ( City type: SW corner Main & Maiden Sts., Washington.)
BRADFORD HOUSE ( City type: 175 S. Main St., Washington.)
BRADFORD HOUSE ( At site, 175 S. Main St., Washington.)
GLOBE INN ( City type: 155 S. Main St., Washington.)
CAPT. PHILO McGIFFIN ( Main & Beau Sts., Washington.)
GANTZ OIL WELL ( City type: W. Chestnut St. at Brookside Ave., Washington.)
AUGUSTA TOWN ( US 40, 3 miles SW of Washington.)
WOLFF'S FORT ( US 40, 3.3 miles SW of Washington.)
NATIONAL ROAD ( US 40, 3.6 miles SW of Washington.)
"S" BRIDGE ( US 40, 5 miles SW of Washington.)
MILLER'S BLOCKHOUSE ( US 40, 3.5 miles W of Claysville.)
RICE'S FORT ( US 40, 3.5 miles W of Claysville.)
RALSTON THRESHER ( PA 844 at West Middletown.)
DODDRIDGE'S FORT ( PA 844, 2.5 miles W of West Middletown.)
CROSS CREEK CHURCH ( SR 4029 [former LR 62185] at Cross Creek.)
ELISHA McCURDY ( SR 4004 [old US 22] at Florence.)
THE McGUGIN GAS WELL ( PA 18 NW of Washington, S of PA 50.)
DAVID REED ( PA 980 N of PA 50 at Venice.)
COL. GEORGE MORGAN ( Old PA 519 S of Morganza.)
THE REVEREND JOHN McMILLAN, D.D. ( Plaque: Junction US 19 & PA 519 NE of Washington.)
JOHN McMILLAN ( US 19, 5 miles NE of Washington.)
HILL CHURCH ( US 19, 5 miles NE of Washington.)
MONONGAHELA ( On main highways leading into city.)
THE MOUNDS ( City type: Memorial Park, Mound & Decker Sts., Monongahela.)
WHISKEY POINT ( PA 481 at Park Ave., Monongahela.)

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