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Formed March 20, 1849 from Beaver and Mercer counties. Its name honors naval hero Capt. James Lawrence. County seat, New Castle, was laid out in 1802. Between 1890 and 1920 it was one of America's fastest growing cities and center of the tin-plate industry. (City type: Clavelli History Center [Lawrence County Historical Society], 408 N. Jefferson St., New Castle.)

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FRIEDENSSTADT ( PA 18 [near junction PA 168] N of Moravia.)
FRIEDENSSTADT ( PA 18 N of Moravia.)
[FRIEDENSSTADT] ( Plaque: PA 18 [W side] N of Moravia.)
KUSKUSKIES TOWNS ( Junction PA 18 & 108 S of New Castle.)
C. FREDERICK POST ( PA 18 & 108 S of New Castle.)
"SQUAW CAMPAIGN" ( SR 3007 [Elmwood St., former LR 37091] just S of New Castle.)
HARBOR CREEK ( US 422 just NW of New Castle.)
KUSKUSKIES TOWNS ( Junction US 224 & PA 551 at Edinburg.)
IRA D. SANKEY ( Junction US 224 & PA 551 at Edinburg.)
"CROSS-CUT CANAL" ( US 224 just N of Edinburg at bridge.)
WESTMINSTER COLLEGE ( Junction PA 18 & 208 W of New Wilmington.)
NESHANNOCK POTATO ( US 19 at SR 1004 [Shaw Rd.] just S of Bearer County line.)

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