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Formed on May 10, 1729 out of Chester County. Named for Lancashire in England. County seat, Lancaster, was chartered a borough in 1742; a city in 1818. It was the State capital, 1792-1812. County is noted for its rich farmland and ethnic diversity. (City type: Old Courthouse, N. Duke St., Lancaster.)

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WILLIAM C. SPROUL ( PA 896 at Octoraro Creek, just W of county line.)
GREAT MINQUAS PATH ( US 30 just N of Gap.)
SLAYMAKERTOWN ( US 30 between Gap & Kinzer.)
FIRST SETTLEMENT ( Plaque: US 30 at Bethany Ave., E end of Paradise.)
WITMER'S TAVERN ( PA 340 [2014 Old Philadelphia Pike] just E of junction US 30.)
CONESTOGA WAGON ( 462 [old US 30] .8 mile E of Lancaster.)
PENNSYLVANIA RIFLE ( PA 462 [old US 30] .8 mile E of Lancaster.)
ROCK FORD ( S. Duke St. extended, Lancaster at Conestoga River.)
JAMES BUCHANAN ( City type: S. Queen St., Lancaster at Woodward Hill Cemetery.)
HOLY TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH ( 31 S. Duke St., Lancaster.)
JAMES BUCHANAN ( City type: SE section of Square, Lancaster.)
LANCASTER COUNTY COURTHOUSE ( City type: SW section of Square Lancaster.)
REYNOLDS HOUSE ( City type: 42 W. King St.)
BAILEY'S PRINTSHOP ( City type: 14 W. King St., Lancaster.)
CHARLES DEMUTH ( City type: 118 E. King St., Lancaster.)
GEORGE ROSS ( City type: SW corner, King & Lime Sts., Lancaster.)
COLONIAL MANSION ( City type: NW corner, Orange & Shippen Sts., Lancaster.)
SHIPPEN HOUSE ( City type: NW corner, Orange & Lime Sts., Lancaster.)
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH ( City type: 140 E. Orange St., Lancaster.)
MILITARY STABLES AND BARRACKS ( City type: 307 N. Duke St., Lancaster.)
ST. JAMES' CHURCH (EPISCOPAL) ( City type: 119 N. Duke St., Lancaster.)
SIMON SNYDER ( City type: N. Queen St. between Chestnut & Walnut Sts., Lancaster.)
FULTON OPERA HOUSE ( City type: N. Prince St. between King & Orange Sts., Lancaster.)
EARLY ARCHITECTURE ( City type: 28 N. Water St., Lancaster.)
THADDEUS STEVENS ( City type: W. Chestnut St., Shreiner's Cemetery, Lancaster.)
FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE ( Harrisburg Pike at entrance to college, Lancaster.)
WHEATLAND ( N. President Aye. near Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster.)
PENNSYLVANIA RIFLE ( PA 23 [Marietta Aye.] near W end of Lancaster.)
WHEATLAND ( PA 462 [Columbia Ave.] near President Ave. just W of Lancaster.)
ISAAC LONG BARN ( PA 272 [Oregon Pike] at Landis Valley Museum.)
EPHRATA CLOISTER   ( PA 272 N & S of US 322 underpass, Ephrata.)
EPHRATA CLOISTER   ( At the site on US 322, Ephrata.)
HOPEWELL FORGE MANSION   ( US 322, 2 miles W of Brickerville.)
LITITZ   ( City type: PA 501 at Lititz Spring Park, Lititz.)
JOHN A. SUTTER   ( PA 501 [S. Broad St.] at Lemon St., Lititz.)
LINDEN HALL   ( City type: PA 772 [E. Main St.] at school in Lititz.)
MORAVIAN GEMEINHAUS   ( City type: NE corner, Main (PA 772) & Elm Sts., Lititz.)
HEINTZELMAN HOUSE   ( City type: 24 S. Main St. (PA 72), Manheim.)
BARON STIEGEL   ( PA 72 at Square in Manheim.)
STIEGEL MANSION   ( City type: 1 N. Main St. [PA 72], Manheim.)
STIEGEL GLASS MANUFACTORY   ( City type: 102 W. Stiegel St., Manheim.)
DONEGAL CHtIRCH   ( PA 230, 3.5 miles SE of Elizabethtown.)
EARLY TELEGRAPH   ( PA 230, 3.1 miles SE of Elizabethtown.)
CONOY INDIAN TOWN   ( PA 441, 1 mile S of Bainbridge.)
SAMUEL S. HALDEMAN [1812-1880]   (PA 441 S of Bainbridge at Locust Grove Rd.)
SIMON CAMERON   ( City type: W. High St. near square, Maytown.)
COLUMBIA   ( PA 462 [old US 30] at E end of Columbia.)
MARTIN CHARTIER   ( Plaque: PA 441 Driver Rd.) at Charlestown Rd., Washington Boro.)
CONESTOGA INDIAN TOWN   ( Plaque: SR 3017 [Safe Harbor Rd.] at Indian Marker Rd. near Letort, 4 miles SW  of Millersville.)
CONESTOGA INDIAN TOWN   ( PA 999 between Washington Boro & Millersville, 200 ft. W of SR 3017.)
MILLERSVILLE UNIVERSITY   ( On N George St. at campus, Millersville.)
MARTIN MEYLIN'S GUNSHOP   ( US 222 at junction PA 272 northbound near Willow Street.)
BOEHM'S CHAPEL   ( PA 272 northbound at Boehm's Rd., 1 mile S of Willow Street.)
HERR HOUSE   ( US 222 at Hans Herr Dr., West Lampeter Twp.)
DRUMORE CELEBRATION   ( Plaque: US 222 [E side] at Unicorn, S of Quarryville.)
DR. DAVID RAMSAY   (Plaque: US 222 [E side] at Unicorn, S of Quarryville.)
GENERAL JOHN STEELE   (Plaque: US 222 [E side] at Unicorn, S of Quarryville.)
COLONEL THOMAS PORTER   (Plaque: US 222 [E side] at Unicorn, S of Quarryville.)
COLONEL ARCHIBALD STEELE   (Plaque: US 222 [E side] at Unicorn, S of Quarryville)
ROBERT FULTON BIRTHPLACE   (At site US 222 N of Goshen.)

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