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Formed on September 9, 1784 from Cumberland County and named for Benjamin Franklin. Site of Falling Spring, noted limestone trout stream. Birthplace of James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States. Chambersburg, county seat, was laid out 1764. (City type: County Courthouse, Memorial Sq. [N. Main St., corner US 11 & 30], Chambersburg.)

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SHIPPENSBURG ( US 11 at W end Shippensburg.)
CALEDONIA FURNACE ( Junction US 30 & PA 233, Caledonia State Park.)
JOHN BROWN RAID ( PA 233, 1 mile E of Mont Alto.)
SNOW HILL CLOISTER ( PA 997 just S of Quincy.)
DR. HENRY HARBAUGH ( PA 16, 2 miles SE of Waynesboro.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN ( PA 16 at Roadside Ave., E of Square, Waynesboro.)
OLD LOG BUILDING ( City type: E. Main St. & Roadside Aye., Waynesboro.)
JOHN WALLACE, ]R. ( City type: E. Main & Enterprise Sts., Waynesboro.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN ( US 11, 1 mile N of State line.)
CAPTAIN ULRIC DAHLGREN ( City type: SE section of Square, Greencastle.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN ( US 11 just N of Greencastle.)
BROWN'S MILL SCHOOL ( At site SR 2016 [former LR 28032], Kauffman Station SE of Marion.)
CHAMBERSBURG ( On main highways leading into town.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN ( US 11 at S end of Chambersburg.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN ( US 30 at E end Chambersburg.)
MESSERSMITH'S WOODS ( City type: US 30 [Lincoln Way E.] near Colebrook Ave., Chambersburg.)
JOHN BROWN ( City type: 225 E. King St., Chambersburg.)
MASONIC TEMPLE ( City type: S. End St. [US 11 northbound] near E. Queen St., Chambersburg.)
MORROW TAVERN ( City type: 35 S. Main St., Chambersburg.)
SUESSEROTT HOUSE ( City type: SW corner Main & Washington Sts., Chambersburg.)
CONFEDERATE CONFERENCE ( City type: SW section of Square, Chambersburg.)
FORT CHAMBERS ( W. King St. [1 block W of US 11 southbound], Chambersburg.)
FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH ( City type: W. Washington St. at church, Chambersburg.)
PHILIP BERLIN ( City type: W. Washington St. at First Lutheran Church, Chambersburg.)
BURNING OF CHAMBERSBURG ( US 30, W end Chambersburg.)
OLD FRANKLIN COUNTY JAIL ( N. 2nd St. [US 11 northbound] at E. King St., Chambersburg.)
FALLING SPRING CHURCH ( US 11 at church, 2 blocks N of Square, Chambersburg.)
WILSON COLLEGE ( City type: Edgar near Ramsey Ave. off US 11 at campus.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN ( US 11 at N end Chambersburg.)
MARGARET COCHRAN CORBIN ( US 11 1.5 miles N of Chambersburg.)
[FORT McCORD] ( Plaque: NE of Edenville, ca. 7 miles W of Chambersburg, on road leading S from SR 4008 [intersection former LR 28039 & 28055].)
JOSEPH ARMSTRONG ( SR 4010 [former LR 28005] at Coble Rd. near Edenville.)
FORT WADDELL ( US 30 near junction PA 416, 1 mile W of St. Thomas.)
FORT WADDELL, 1754 ( Plaque: US 30 [N side] near junction PA 416, 1 mile W of St. Thomas.)
FORT McCORD ( US 30, 2 miles W of St. Thomas.)
FORT LOUDON ( US 30, 1 mile E of Fort Loudon.)
FORT LOUDON ( Plaque: center Fort Loudon, old Lincoln Hwy. [SR 4002].)
WIDOW BARR PLACE ( PA 75, 1.4 miles S of Fort Loudon.)
FORT McDOWELL ( PA 416 at Markes.)
[FORT McDOWELL] ( Plaque: intersection PA 416 & SR 3007 [former LR 28002] at Markes.)
JAMES BUCHANAN ( PA 416, 3.3 miles NW of Mercersburg.)
WILLIAM FINLAY ( City type: N. Main St. (PA 16, 75, 416) S Mill Rd., Mercersburg.)
BUCHANAN HOUSE ( City type: 17 N. Main St., Mercersburg.)
LANE HOUSE ( City type: 16 N. Main St., Mercersburg.)
REFORMED THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY ( City type: at entrance Mercersburg Academy.)
MARSHALL COLLEGE ( City type: at entrance Mercersburg Academy.)
REV. STEEL'S FORT ( PA 16, 2.3 miles SE of Mercersburg.)
STUART'S RAID ( PA 75 just N of State line.)
FORT DAVIS ( plaque: W side of road 1.3 miles S of PA 995 at Welsh Run.)
BURNING OF CHAMBERSBURG ( PA 416 200 yards N of State line.)

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