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Formed March 12, 1800 from Allegheny County. Named for Lake Erie, which took its own name from the Erie Indians. Erie, the county seat, was laid out 1795; made a city in 1851. Ships of Perry's fleet which won the 1813 Battle of Lake Erie were built here. (City type: County Courthouse, W 6th St. between Peach & Sassafras, Erie.)

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COLT'S STATION ( PA 89 at PA 430, Colt Station.)
OLD STATE LINE ( PA 8 at Wattsburg.)
IDA M. TARBELL ( PA 8 SW of Wattsburg.)
CLIMAX LOCOMOTIVE ( PA 77 at S end of Corry.)
DRAKE WELL PARK ( PA 8 just S of Union City.)
FRENCH CREEK ( US 19 S of Waterford.)
FORT LE BOEUF ( US 19 in Waterford.)
FORT LE BOEUF MEMORIAL ( Property on US 19, Waterford.)
[FORT LE BOEUF] ( Plaque: US 19 opposite Fort Le Boeuf Museum, Waterford.)
GEORGE WASHINGTON ( US 19 in Waterford.)
LP-GAS INDUSTRY ( US 19 at square in Waterford.)
PRESQUE ISLE PORTAGE ( US 19 N of Waterford.)
OLD STATE LINE ( US 19 at Strongs Corners.)
OLD FRENCH ROAD ( PA 97 S of Erie.)
ERIE ( On main highways leading into city.)
CAPTAIN C. V. GRIDLEY ( E. Lake Rd. [Alternate PA 5], Erie.)
ANTHONY WAYNE ( E. 6th St. (Alternate PA 5) at Ash St., Erie.)
FORT PRESQUE ISLE ( 6th & Parade Sts., Erie.)
HARRY T. BURLEIGH ( E. 6th St. [Alternate PA 5], Erie.)
OLD CUSTOM HOUSE ( State St,, Erie.)
CASHIER'S HOUSE ( 417 State St. in Erie.)
CANAL BASIN ( N end of State St., Erie.)
USS WOLVERINE ( City type: N end State St., Erie.)
FLAGSHIP NIAGARA ( At property on State St., Erie.)
PERRY'S SHIPYARDS ( 6th & Cascade Sts., Erie.)
ERIE EXTENSION CANAL ( US 20 at Asbury Chapel, W of Erie.)
OLD STATE LINE ( PA 99 at McKean.)
EDINBORO STATE COLLEGE ( City type: US 6N at campus in Edinboro.)
CIRCUS HISTORY ( US 20 at the Diamond in Girard.)
OLD STATE LINE ( PA 5 E of North Springfield.)

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