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Formed September 24, 1788 out of Westmoreland and Washington counties. Named for the Allegheny River. County seat of Pittsburgh was laid out 1764; became a city in 1816. A center of the iron, steel and other industries and "Workshop of the World." (City type: County Courthouse, Grant St. between 5th & Forbes Aves., Pittsburgh.)

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WILLIAM D. BOYCE ( PA 366, Westmoreland County line, 2 miles SE of New Kensington.)
RACHEL CARSON ( City type: Pittsburgh St. [SR 1001, old PA 28] & Colfax St., in Springdale.)
BOUQUET CAMP ( PA 380 [Saltsburg & Frankstown Rds.], Petermans Corner, Penn Hills Twp.)
FORBES ROAD, 1758. FORT BEDFORD TO FORT DUQUESNE ( Plaques: PA 380 [Saltsburg & Frankstown Rds.], Petermans Corner, Penn Hills Twp.)
FORBES ROAD [BOUQUET'S BREASTWORKS] ( SR 2066 [Old Frankstown Rd.], Monroeville.)
JANE GREY SWISSHELM ( Braddock & Greendale Aves. in Edgewood, just N of l 376 exit 9.)
FRANK CONRAD [1874~1941] ( City type: PA 8 [Penn Ave.] & Peebles St., W end Walkinsburg.)
BRADDOCK'S DEFEAT ( US 30 at Forest Hills, S of I 376 exit 10.)
GEORGE WESTINGHOUSE ( US 30 at George Westinghouse Bridge over Turtle Creek.)
BRADDOCK'S CROSSING ( PA 837 at Kennywood Park N of Duquesne.)
NATIONAL TUBE WORKS ( City type: PA 148 [Lysle Blvd.] subway entrance to plant, McKeesport.)
ELIZABETH ( PA 51 just SE of Elizabeth.)
YOHOGANIA COURTHOUSE ( PA 837 SW of West Elizabeth.)
BETHEL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH ( Bethel Church Rd. [county hwy.] between PA 88 & US 19.)
NEVILLE HOUSE ( PA 50 just S of Woodville.)
[NEVILLE] ( Plaque: PA 50 at old entrance Woodville State Hospital, Woodville.)
HAND'S HOSPITAL ( PA 60 [Steuben St] at Linden St., Crafton.)
PITTSBURGH ( On main highways into city: PA 60 at Thornburg; PA 65, at N city line; US 19 N to city line; PA 28 at Millvale; US 30 westbound at Forest Hills.)
FIRST MINING OF PITTSBURGH COAL ( City type: Grandview Ave. between Ulysses & Bertha Sts., Mount Washington.)
POLISH ARMY ( City type: 97 S. 18th St., South Side.)
FORT PRINCE GEORGE ( City type: Point State Park [main entrance Commonwealth Place].)
FORT DUQUESNE ( City type: Point State Park [main entrance Commonwealth Place].)
FORT PITT ( City type: Point State Park [main entrance Commonwealth Place].)
FORT PITT BLOCKHOUSE ( City type: Point State Park [main entrance Commonwealth Place].)
DAVID L. LAWRENCE ( City type: Point State Park.)
FORBES ROAD, 1758. FORT BEDFORD TO FORT DUQUESNE ( Plaque: Point State Park [between Fort Pit Museum & Blockhouse].)
RADIO STATION KDKA ( City type: plaza, KDKA hdqrs., 1 Gateway Center.)
WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORPORATION ( City type: Westinghouse plaza, G Gateway Center.)
JOHN SCULL ( City type: Blvd. of the Allies just W of Market St.)
MARTIN R. DELANEY [1812-1885] ( City type: 5 PPG Place, 3rd Ave. & Market St.)
PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY ( City type: plaza of PPG Place, between 4th Ave. & Market Sq.)
UNITED STEELWORKERS OF AMERICA ( City type: Grant St. between 3rd S 4th Aves.)
DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY ( City type: Bluff St. at Administration Bldg.)
STEPHEN C. FOSTER MEMORIAL ( City type: Forbes Ave. just E of Bigelow Blvd., Oakland.)
V.F.W. ( City type: 5th Ave. & Bigelow Blvd., Oakland.)
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH ( City type: SE corner, 5th Ave. & Bigelow Blvd., Oakland.)
STATION WQED ( City type: 4802 5th Ave., Oakland.)
SHADYSIDE IRON FURNACE ( City type: SE corner, Bayard St. & Amberson Ave., Oakland.)
ALLEGHENY ARSENAL ( City type: opposite 257 40th St., Lawrenceville.)
SHANNOPIN TOWN ( City type: 40th St. at bridge, Lawrenceville.)
STEPHEN C. FOSTER ( 3600 Penn Ave., Lawrenceville.)
DAISY E. LAMPKIN ( City type: 2519 Webster Ave.)
PENNSYLVANIA CANAL ( City type: Liberty Ave. & Grant St. at railroad station.)
WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORPORAT10N ( City type: Fort Duquesne Blvd. near Garrison Pl. & Convention Center.)
FORT LAFAYETTE ( City type: 9th St. just N of Penn Ave.)
AVERY COLLEGE ( City type: 619 E. 0hio St., North Side.)
JAMES HAY REED ( City type: Buhl Planetarium [Federal St. between W. Ohio & N. Diamond Sts.], North Side.)
FERRIS WHEEL INVENTOR ( City type: West Commons [Arch St. near S. Diamond St.], North Side.)
SITE OF THE WESTERN PENITENTIARY ( Plaque: at West Commons [Courtyard of the Peacocks at the Conservatory Aviary], North Side.)
ALLEGHENY OBSERVATORY ( City type: Riverview Ave. in Riverview Park [of US 19] near Observatory.)
DAVIS ISLAND LOCK AND DAM ( PA 65 at E borough line, Avalon.)
ETHELBERT NEVIN ( PA 65 northbound at Edgeworth.)
SHOUSETOWN BOATYARD ( City type: PA 51 Honor Roll Park, Glenwillard.)

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