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Formed January 22, 1800 out of York County. The name honors President John Adams. Important center for fruit growing industry. County seat of Gettysburg, incorporated 1806, was site in 1863 of key Civil War battle and President Abraham Lincoln's great address. (City type: Old Courthouse, Baltimore & W. Middle Sts. [Business US 15 & PA 116] in Gettysburg.)

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MARY JEMISON (US 30 at junction PA 234, 4 miles W of Cashtown. )
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (Old US 30 just W of SR 3011, Cashtown.)
MANOR OF MASKE (US 30 W of Seven Stars.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (US 30 at W approach to Gettysburg.)
DOBBIN HOUSE (Business US 15 [Steinwehr Ave.] near PA 134, Gettysburg.)
THADDEUS STEVENS (City type: 51 Chambersburg St., Gettysburg.)
OLD COURTHOUSE (City type: SW section of Square, Gettysburg.)
WILLS HOUSE (City type: SE section of Square, Gettysburg.)
GETTYS CROSSROADS (City type: 44 York St., Gettysburg.)
DANIEL ALEXANDER PAYNE (1811-1893) (City type: 239 N. Washington St. at Gettysburg College.)
MANOR OF MASKE (US 30 at E end of Gettysburg.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (US 30, 2 miles E of Gettysburg.)
CONEWAGO CHAPEL (US 30 W of New Oxford.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (US 30 E & W of junction PA 94, E of New Oxford.)
STUDEBAKER HOME (City type:200 W. King St. [PA 234 W of PA 194] in East Berlin.)
ROCK CHAPEL (SR 3001 [old US 15] at junction with SR 1016 N of Heidlersburg.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (SR 3001 [old US 15] just N of Heidlersburg.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (SR 3001 [old US 15] .2 mile S of PA 234, Heidlersburg.)
JOHN STUDEBAKER (SR 3001 [old US 15] just S of Heidlersburg.)
RUSSELL TAVERN (PA 34 at Goldenville Rd., 4 miles N of Gettysburg.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (PA 34, 3 miles N of Gettysburg.)
RURAL ELECTRICICATION (PA 34, 1.7 miles N of Gettysburg.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (PA 116 W of Gettysburg.)
LOWER MARSH CREEK CHURCH (PA 116 at SR 3013 [former LR 01002], 4 miles W of Gettysburg.)
FIELD HOSPITAL (City type: PA116 [Main St.] at St. John Lutheran Church, Fairfield.)
"TAPEWORM RAILROAD" (PA 116 at SR 3014 [formerly LR 01021] SW of Fairfield.)
CAPTAIN JOHN HANSON STEELMAN (Plaque: intersection of Crum Rd. with Topper & Peacher Rds., just E of junction PA 16 & 116 at Zora.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (PA 134, .7 mile N of State line.)
GETTYSBURG ADDRESS (PA 134 at entrance to National Cemetery.)
GETTYSBURG ADDRESS (Baltimore Pike [former US 140] at entrance to National Cemetery. )
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (Baltimore Pike, 2 miles SE of Gettysburg near junction US 15 & PA 97.)
CHRIST REFORMED CHURCH (PA 194 at SR 2023 [former LR 01029] 1.1 miles NE of Littlestown.)

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