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Formed March 22, 1813 out of Northumberland County. Its name honors the  Federal Union. The county seat was first Mifflinburg, and after 1815 it was New  Berlin. Lewisburg, county seat since 1855, was incorporated 1822 and is home of  Bucknell University.  City type: County Courthouse, End & St. Louis Sts., Lewisburg.

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LEE MASSACRE ( US 15 at Winfield, just S of PA 304.)
DRY RUN CEMETERY ( PA 304, 1 mile W of New Berlin.)
EVANGELICAL CHURCH ( PA 304, 1.2 miles W of New Berlin.)
LEROY MASSACRE ( PA 104, 1.5 miles S of Mifflinburg.)
[LEROY MASSACRE] ( Plaque: SR 3016 (former LR 59043) 1 mile E of Pa. 304, NW of New Berlin. )
EVANGELICAL  CHURCH ( Junction PA 45 (Chestnut St.) & 104 (10th St.), W end Mifflinburg.)
FOUGHT'S MILL ( PA 45 (Chestnut St.) at Buffalo Rd., Mifflinburg.)
SAMUEL MACLAY ( PA 45, 4 miles SW of Lewisburg.)
BUFFALO CHURCH ( PA 45, 3.7 miles SW of Lewisburg.)
BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY ( US 15 in Lewisburg at stadium.)
ROBERT LOWRY ( City type: 110 University Ave., Lewisburg.)
UNDERGROUND RAILROAD ( City type: University Ave., Lewisburg.)
LUDWIG DERR ( City type: 34 Brown St., Lewisburg.)
GENERAL TASKER H. BLISS ( City type: 115 S. Front St., Lewisburg.)
LEWISBURG CROSS-CUT CANAL ( City type: PA 45 (Market St.), Lewisburg near bridge.)
ELI SLIFER ( US 15 just N of Lewisburg.)
BUFFALO CHURCH ( PA 192, 4 miles W of Lewisburg.)
COL. IOHN KELLY ( SR 1002 (former LR 59019) just E of Mazeppa.)
SHIKELLAMY'S TOWN ( US 15, 3.6 miles N of Lewisburg.)
[SHIKELLAMY'S OLD TOWN] ( Plaque: Central Oak Heights just off US 15 southbound, S of West Milton.)
WIDOW CATHERINE SMITH ( SR 1011 (old US 15) at SR 1010 (former LR 629), White Deer.)

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