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Foamed March 26, 1804 from Lycoming County. The name, derived from an  Indian word meaning "the forks of a stream," honors the Tioga River.  Wellsboro, the county seat, was laid out in 1806; incorporated 1830. On Pine  Creek is Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon.  City type: Courthouse Sq., PA 287 & 660, Wellsboro.

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BLOSSBURG COAL ( PA 287, 3.5 miles N of Morris.)
WILLIAMSON ROAD ( SR 2005 (old US 15) just S of Liberty.)
COAL DISCOVERY ( US 15 just S of Blossburg.)
WILLIAM B. WILSON ( US 15 just S of Blossburg.)
WILLIAMSON ROAD ( Business US 15 S of Mansfield at Canoe Camp.)
CORNING & BLOSSBURG RAILROAD ( City type: S. Main St. (Business US 15), Mansfield.)
RURAL ELECTRIFICATION ( N. Main St. (Business US 15), Mansfield.)
WILLIAM A. STONE ( Courthouse Sq., PA 287 & 660, Wellsboro.)
NESSMUK ( Courthouse Sq., PA 660, Wellsboro.)
WILLIAM A. STONE ( PA 362, 3.5 miles SW of Wellsboro.)
NESSMUK ( End of PA 660, Leonard Harrison State Park.)
PINE CREEK PATH ( US 6 at Ansonia.)

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