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Formed March 21, 1772 from Lancaster, Cumberland, Berks, Bedford and  Northampton counties. Some 27 counties today occupy its once vast area.  Sunburn the county seat, was laid out 1772. Site of Fort Augusta, a key post  built 1756-57.  City type: Courthouse, 2nd & Market Sts., Sunbury.

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TULPEHOCKEN PATH ( SR 3016 (former LR 49008) N of Klingerstown.)
TULPEHOCKEN PATH ( PA 147 N of Herndon.)
SUNBLIRY ( On main highways leading into city.)
DANVILLE-POTTSVILLE R.R. ( PA 147 (Front St.), Sunbury.)
WILLAM MACLAY  (PA 147 (Front St.), Sunbury.)
FIRST ELECTRIC LIGHT ( PA 147 (Front St.) at Market St., Sunbury.)
SHIKELLAMY ( PA 147 LFront St.) at Fort Augusta site, Sunbury.)
THOMPSON'S RIFLE BATTALION: CAPT. JOHN LOWDON'S COMPANY ( PA 147 (Front St.) at Hunter Home, Fort Augusta site, Sunbury.)
FORT AUGUSTA ( PA 147 LFront St.) at site, Sunbury.)
FORT AUGUSTA ( Plaque: PA 147 (Front St.) at site, Sunbury.)
[SHIKELLAMY] ( Plaque: PA 147 (Front St.), Sunbury, just N of Fort Augusta site.)
THE BLOODY SPRING ( N. 7th St. Extension between Shikellamy Aye. & Memorial Park, Sunbury.)
PENNSYLVANIA CANAL ( US 11 Northumberland near E end of bridge.)
JOSEPH PRIESTLEY HOUSE ( 472 Priestley Ave., Northumberland.)
JOSEPH PRIESTLEY (US 11 NE of Northumberland.)
WYOMING PATH ( US 11 NE of Northumberland.)
PENNSYLVANIA CANAL (NORTH BRANCH DIVIS10N) ( US 11, 3.5 miles NE of Northumberland.)
GREAT SHAMOKIN PATH ( PA 405, 3.9 miles S of Milton.)
CAPTAIN JOHN BRADY ( Plaque: PA 405 (E side) .5 mile S of intersection PA 45.)
BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY ( Junction PA 405 & 45, 3 miles S of Milton.)
SHIKELLAMY'S TOWN ( PA 405, .5 mile S of Milton.)
JAMES POLLOCK ( PA 405, .2 mile N of Mlllon.)
WARRIOR RUN CHURCH ( SR 1007 (old PA 147 at site N of McEwensville.)
COL. MATTHEW SMITH ( SR 1007 (old PA 147) at Warrior Run Church N of McEwensvllle.)
FORT FREELAND ( Plaque: SR 1007 Bold PA 147). Warrior Run Church N oF McEwensville,)

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